Montenegro’s Digital Nomad Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

A digital nomad is sitting in the middle of the street on her laptop with the mountains in the background.

The digital nomad visa for Montenegro, also known as the Program for Attracting Digital Nomads in Montenegro, is an excellent opportunity for remote workers to enjoy the benefits of living and working in this beautiful country.

Although the formal launch and application process have not yet occurred, it is anticipated to be fully implemented in 2023. The visa promises favorable remote working opportunities in terms of length of stay, tax, and much more.

This article will provide an overview of the benefits, living and working options, requirements, and other essential details related to Montenegro’s digital nomad visa.

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Living in Montenegro as an Expat: Cost of Living, Safety, Pros & Cons

Living in Montenegro as an Expat: Cost of Living, Safety, Pros & Cons

Maybe Montenegro has caught your eye because of its favorable tax system. Or maybe it’s part of your long-term plan for a passport with EU membership. Or maybe you see it as a great real estate investment.

Aside from these strategic considerations, you might be left with some questions. What’s it like living in Montenegro? How much are living expenses in Montenegro? Are there many other expats living and working in Montenegro?

Below you’ll find answers to these questions with guidance on everything from the cost of living to how to retire in Montenegro. This is your guide to determining if Montenegro is a good place for you to live.

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Buying Property in Montenegro? Read This First

Stability and open borders means that buying property in Montenegro has become an attractive investment for many Europeans.

Buying a property is a huge investment and a big step. Doubly so if it’s located in a country you’re unfamiliar with.

There can be unusual legal procedures, different terminology and the ever-important idea that location matters most. Montenegro is a great place to live with a fairly straightforward real estate system.

A property may be the home where you live or at least be a significant piece of your portfolio, so don’t make a purchase without doing your research.

Use this guide to get set with the information you need before buying real estate in Montenegro.

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Montenegro’s Property Market: Prices & Trends

Montenegro's property market is on a fifteen year hot streak.

The Montenegro property market is an interesting one for those looking to relocate. It has the potential of offering that ideal combination of discounted prices now and appreciating value in the future.

There are a few complementary factors driving Montenegro property prices upwards. Generally, they are all related to drawing foreign capital and people into Montenegro’s real estate market.

This article delivers a snapshot view of the Montenegro real estate market in 2021 with a look at where it’s going in the future.

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Montenegro Company Formation

Montenegro Company Formation

Montenegro offers one of the most dynamic economies in the Balkans. After the strife of the 1990s and independence from Serbia in 2006, the Montenegrin government has been singularly focused on creating prosperity.

That means attracting entrepreneurs by making setting up a company in Montenegro as easy as possible.

This is what you need to know about Montenegro’s company formation rules and procedures — from the incorporation process to which company taxes you’ll pay in Montenegro.

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Moving to Montenegro: Your Complete Guide

Moving to Montenegro: Your Complete Guide

With a dynamic economy and attractive location on the Adriatic coast, Montenegro is a beacon for thousands of people looking to relocate.

That’s a big step that can have a dramatic impact on your way of life.

Everything from applying for a residence permit to hiring a moving service should be on your Montenegro move checklist.

Especially if this is your first time moving overseas you may find that there are a few surprises in store. Planning and patience are the two best tools.

Moving to Montenegro is an excellent choice for many people.

This practical guide will lead you through the process with the goal of avoiding as many headaches as possible. Make this step-by-step plan your bible for guiding your relocation process.

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Is Montenegro in the EU?

A map of Europe in multiple colors where Montenegro can be seen in the middle of the picture.

When asking: “Whereabouts in Europe is Montenegro?” the answer is simple, but when asking: “Whereabouts is Montenegro in its EU membership process,” things get a lot more complicated.

The Balkan gem of Montenegro has been in the process of joining the European Union (EU) for over a decade. The country’s journey towards EU membership started after its independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006.

There is still work to be done before Montenegrin citizens become EU residents. Predicting the exact timeline for Montenegro’s accession to the EU is difficult due to the numerous variables and stages involved in the process.

In this article, I will share the latest developments on the Montenegrin transition to an EU member state, why it is important, what’s causing the delay, and what might happen next.

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The Best Place to Live in Montenegro

Traditional Montenegrin houses located by the coastline. The houses have red roofs stone walls and are surrounded by the sea

Deciding where to live in Montenegro can be an exciting yet challenging journey, as this enchanting country offers a buffet of diverse and captivating locations.

In this article, I’ll guide you through an in-depth exploration of Montenegro’s most alluring regions, provide you with some pros and cons, and give you insight into the best areas to consider in each town.

My aim is to help you navigate the diverse landscape of Montenegro, so you can make an informed decision and find the best place to live that aligns with your needs and desires.

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Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment: A Comprehensive Guide

Montenegro's Citizenship By Investment Program

Nestled in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro is famous for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

As a NATO member and an official EU candidate country, Montenegro provides several advantages to its citizens, including visa-free access to the Schengen Area, Russia, and Turkey.

Montenegro introduced its Citizenship by Investment (CIP) program to attract foreign direct investment and promote economic development. However, the program concluded on December 31, 2022.

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Montenegro’s Golden Visa Options: The Immigrant Investor Program

Montenegro's Golden Visa Options

Montenegro has experienced robust economic growth in recent years, driven by its tourism industry, real estate development, and foreign direct investment.

Located in the heart of Europe, Montenegro provides easy access to major European markets and a gateway to the Adriatic Sea.

With a Montenegrin golden visa, you can diversify your real estate portfolio and capitalize on emerging business opportunities while also gaining approval to reside in a unique part of Europe.

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Montenegro Real Estate & Property: Your Complete Guide

Montenegro Real Estate & Property: Your Complete Guide

Montenegro’s real estate is one of the country’s most attractive features. From beachside villas on sunny coastlines to lodges up in brooding mountains, there is a property in Montenegro for everyone!

To make matters even better, Montenegro’s favorable tax system also applies to real estate. That means that land-transfer, property and capital gains taxes are lower than they are in most parts of the world.

All that said, there are a few points to watch out for. Contracts are written in Montenegrin and urban planning is only just catching up to the rest of the world. You’ll need to set a plan and seek out trustworthy advice.

Much of the best real estate in Montenegro is still for sale. Here’s how to approach finding your dream home and the practical things you need to consider before falling in love.

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How to Get a Montenegrin Passport

How to Get a Montenegrin Passport

The Henley Passport Index puts Montenegro in the 42nd spot (tied with Kiribati) on its power ranking of passports. That’s above Russia, Turkey, Thailand, China, India and many others.

Understandably, the strength of Montenegro’s passport makes it an attractive choice for frequent and adventurous travelers, international businesspeople and location-independent entrepreneurs.

A passport comes as a benefit of full citizenship in Montenegro. For most people, the road to a passport will be a fairly intensive process. Here’s how to get a Montenegrin passport.

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How to Get Montenegrin Citizenship

How to Get Montenegrin Citizenship

Montenegro is a young country with a bright future. Since declaring independence from Serbia, in 2006, the government has set the country on a course for growth and prosperity.

In part, that means being open to the idea that immigration (which may eventually lead to citizenship) will be a cornerstone of the country’s future.

The Law of Montenegrin Citizenship (2008) governs the Balkan nation’s qualifications for citizenship.

There are a few slightly complicated situations, but generally, it is a straight path to citizenship. Below you’ll find all you need to know about how to get Montenegrin citizenship.

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Montenegro Residence Permits

Montenegro Residence Permits

Montenegro’s beautiful natural environment — from sunny beaches to hiking in verdant mountains — has made it a hugely popular tourist destination. Combine those features with a government keen on EU membership and pro-business tax system and you have an attractive candidate for relocation.

Getting a Montenegro residence permit will be an essential, early step in your plan to move to the Balkan country. There is a firm realization in Montenegro that further economic success will be fueled by immigration, so gaining residence is definitely achievable.

Montenegro residency is relatively easy to get but there are a few critical steps that must be followed exactly. This guide will take you through the process.

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Montenegro Expat Guide

Montenegro Expat Guide

After moving to a new country, social media and video-chat technology have made it much easier for today’s expats to stay in touch with friends and family from back home.

At some point, they might find it difficult to relate to your stories about trying to decipher a utility bill written in Montenegrin. And they probably won’t have any tips for the best place to find fresh seafood in Podgorica.

That’s where a thriving expat community comes in handy.

Because of Montenegro’s short history as an independent country and the diverse multi-ethnic makeup leftover from its time as part of Yugoslavia, it’s tough to say exactly how many expats live in Montenegro.

One thing’s for sure, expats are thriving and growing segment of the country’s approximately 625,000 inhabitants.

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Finding Real Estate to Rent in Montenegro

Finding Real Estate to Rent in Montenegro

Renting can be a great way to establish a home in a new country. Buying a house might seem daunting, particularly when the country is still unfamiliar, so renting is an excellent first step.

Renting is a well-established way of life for many Montenegrins and lots of Montenegro property is for rent. That said, the recent move to allow property buyers to receive a temporary (but renewable) residence permit means that new builds tend to be geared to buyers rather than renters.

This guide will cover the tools you need to figure out Montenegro real estate rentals, where you should look and what you can expect to pay. Continue reading “Finding Real Estate to Rent in Montenegro”

Investing in Montenegro

Investing in Montenegro

Calling a new country home also brings a number of opportunities to invest capital into the place you live. Montenegro has a young and evolving economy so it’s understandable that you have questions about investing in Montenegro.

Moving to Montenegro may well involve buying property. That’s a major real estate investment but this guide will also cover financial and more diversified Montenegrin investment opportunities.

We’ll cover what makes Montenegro a great place to invest, what you should watch out for and also the details of the process of investing here.

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Montenegro’s Banking System

Montenegro's Banking System

Montenegro has a relatively mature banking system that is dominated by under 20 banks. These are divided almost evenly between corporations based in Montenegro and ones from other countries.

Obviously, having a bank account is an essential part of life. If you plan to live in Montenegro, it will definitely help to have a local bank account.

From opening an account to knowing about deposit insurance, this guide will help you make sense of Montenegro’s banking system. Continue reading “Montenegro’s Banking System”

Montenegro Schools

Montenegro Schools

If local schools are a top reason for choosing a home then surely a school system is an essential part of choosing a home country.

Montenegro’s schools are modern and progressive and complemented by a number of private school options. There are also English and international school choices in Montenegro.

This guide will introduce you to the Montenegro school system and help you understand what to expect before enrolling your child in one. Continue reading “Montenegro Schools”

Montenegro Tax Guide

Montenegro Tax Guide

Death and taxes are said to be the two certainties of life. We’re still working on a solution to the former, but easy immigration means that you can influence the latter.

Montenegro’s favorable tax regime is definitely one of the pros of living here. Choosing this small Balkan country doesn’t mean a total holiday from taxes, but it does usually mean a reduced tax load compared to the rest of Europe.

Generally, the answer to the question “how much tax does Montenegro charge on X?”, is between 9%-15%. It goes without saying that that’s less than almost anywhere else in the emerging or developed world.

There are some nuances to the Montenegrin tax system — from real estate taxes to VAT. This guide will walk you through all of the important points and help prepare you to keep your tax bill as favorable as possible.

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