Buying Property in Montenegro? Read This First

Stability and open borders means that buying property in Montenegro has become an attractive investment for many Europeans.

Buying a property is a huge investment and a big step. Doubly so if it’s located in a country you’re unfamiliar with.

There can be unusual legal procedures, different terminology and the ever-important idea that location matters most. Montenegro is a great place to live with a fairly straightforward real estate system.

A property may be the home where you live or at least be a significant piece of your portfolio, so don’t make a purchase without doing your research.

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Trustworthy Property Management in Montenegro

Property management company in Montenegro are easiest to find in touristy areas like Kotor.

Montenegro is very much a part of the European and wider international community. And many of us who own a home here don’t live in it full time while we live or travel elsewhere.

Or maybe you’ve added an investment property to your portfolio and want someone else to manage it for you?

Property managers are there for these reasons.

Either way, finding good property management for your Montenegro real estate is critical. This guide will help you answer the important questions.

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Montenegro’s Property Market: Prices & Trends in 2019

Montenegro's property market is on a fifteen year hot streak.

The Montenegro property market is an interesting one for those looking to relocate. It has the potential of offering that ideal combination of discounted prices now and appreciating value in the future.

There are a few complementary factors driving Montenegro property prices upwards. Generally, they are all related to drawing foreign capital and people into Montenegro’s real estate market.

This article delivers a snapshot view of the Montenegro real estate market in 2019 with a look at where it’s going in the future.

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