Montenegro Tax Guide

Montenegro Tax Guide

Montenegro’s favorable tax regime is definitely one of the pros of living here. Choosing this small Balkan country doesn’t mean a total holiday from taxes, but it does usually mean a reduced tax load compared to the rest of Europe.

Death and taxes are said to be the two certainties of life. We’re still working on a solution to the former, but easy immigration to Montenegro means that you can influence the latter.

How much is income tax in Montenegro?

Generally, the answer to the question “how much income tax does Montenegro charge on X?”, is between 9%-15%. It goes without saying that that’s less than almost anywhere else in the emerging or developed world.

There are some nuances to the Montenegrin tax system — from real estate taxes to VAT. This guide will walk you through all of the important points and help prepare you to keep your tax bill as favorable as possible.

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Montenegro’s Banking System

Montenegro's Banking System

Montenegro has a relatively mature banking system that is dominated by under 20 banks. These are divided almost evenly between corporations based in Montenegro and ones from other countries.

Obviously, having a bank account is an essential part of life. If you plan to live in Montenegro, it will definitely help to have a local bank account.

From opening an account to knowing about deposit insurance, this guide will help you make sense of Montenegro’s banking system.

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Montenegro Company Formation

Montenegro Company Formation

Montenegro offers one of the most dynamic economies in the Balkans. After the strife of the 1990s and independence from Serbia in 2006, the Montenegrin government has been singularly focused on creating prosperity.

That means attracting entrepreneurs by making setting up a company in Montenegro as attractive as possible.

This is what you need to know about Montenegro’s company formation rules and procedures — from the incorporation process to which company taxes you’ll pay in Montenegro.

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Investing in Montenegro

Investing in Montenegro

Calling a new country home also brings a number of opportunities to invest capital into the place you live. Montenegro has a young and evolving economy so it’s understandable that you have questions about investing in Montenegro.

Moving to Montenegro may well involve buying property. That’s a major real estate investment but this guide will also cover financial and more diversified Montenegrin investment opportunities.

We’ll cover what makes Montenegro a great place to invest, what you should watch out for and also the details of the process of investing here.

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