Company Formation Service

Boasting a straightforward registration process and friendly regulations for foreign investors, Montenegro company formation can open doors to the vibrant European market.

Getting Set Up Correctly

In Montenegro, you can register several types of companies, each with unique features and requirements. Your choice should align with your business needs and goals.

Navigating the company formation process in Montenegro is crucial. The government mandates detailed founding documents and registration forms. Ensuring these are completed correctly the first time is key, as changes can prove costly and time-consuming.

Types of Montenegrin Companies

Montenegro offers a variety of entities to choose from when starting a company. Here are the most popular options:

Društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću (DOO)

A DOO is a limited liability company (LLC) and is the most common choice for small businesses due to its simplicity and low capital requirements. A DOO requires at least €1 in founding capital and can be owned by 1 to 30 shareholders, either individuals or legal entities, local or foreign.

Akcionarsko drutvo

This is a joint-stock company requiring at least €25,000 in founding capital. It has more stringent rules, including appointing a board of directors and an auditor.

Ortako drutvo and Komanditno drutvo

These are general and limited liability partnerships, respectively. In an Ortako drutvo, all partners maintain full liability for company debts, while in a Komanditno drutvo, limited partners are only liable for the amount they invest.


The total cost to register a Montenegrin company can vary with different service providers. At Montenegro Guides, we believe in certainty and transparency. Our price is fixed, so we guarantee there won’t be any unexpected increases throughout the process.

It’s important to note that Montenegro welcomes foreign investors with the national treatment of foreign investors, meaning you have the same rights and obligations as Montenegrin citizens and companies. You are guaranteed a simple registration process that can be completed remotely and in 2-4 weeks.

Incorporation of a Montenegrin LLC (DOO): €2,250 (incl. taxes and fees)

  • Option to pair with residency and work permit
  • 100% remotely incorporated
  • 1-2 weeks incorporation
  • Company bank account
  • Free registered agent for the first year

Incorporation of other types of entities: contact us for a quote

  • Comes with comprehensive legal advisory
  • Option for recruiting assistance
  • Option for banking and financial services assistance
  • Import and export registry
  • Warehousing and commercial real estate advisory

More services

Once you have registered your company through us, we will ensure you are connected with the right partners and network. We also offer services to ensure that your company is in good standing.

Registered agent and mailing services: €20 per month

Change of company purpose: €150

Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax filings: €150 per month

General advisory services: €49 

The Process of Registering a Company in Montenegro

The steps below outline everything that we do for you. When working with us, we count on you to provide us with the necessary personal documents, and we handle the rest remotely.

  1. Sign a power of attorney: we require authorization to act on your behalf and will need you to send us back a signed, notarized, and apostilled power of attorney. 
  2. Select company name: you provide us with a company name, and we will register it within the Montenegrin central business registry. 
  3. Filing paperwork: we translate and file all required documents to establish your business.
  4. Opening a company bank account: your company bank account is opened by us and handed over to you. 
  5. Arrival in Montenegro: once all have been registered, you are welcome to arrive in Montenegro, or you can choose to do your business with your company remotely. 


What’s the yearly cost of running a company?

Not including the salary paid to the executive director, annual operational and good standing costs amount to €2,000-€3,000.

Which payment processors are available for my company to take credit card payments?

Currently, the range of payment processors isn’t as extensive as you might expect from larger countries. However, we have options to help you send and receive online and credit card payments. 

Is a holding company required to rent office space?

You must have a mailing address (registered office). However, you do not need to conduct any activities from this address.

Can your firm manage the ongoing accounting needs of my company?

We refer clients to our trusted accounting partner. You aren’t obliged to use their services, but if you choose, you can take advantage of our pre-negotiated preferential rates.

I want to import/export from Montenegro. Can I do this easily with my company?

You would need an import/export license. We can help you register for this.

Alexander Avanth

Alexander Avanth

A dual citizen with a home on two continents, Alexander’s studies in economics, career in finance & expat lifestyle give him a unique perspective. His clients find a better life abroad via a new home, residency status & more. If you need help successfully relocating to Montenegro, contact Alex today.