Comprehensive Guide to Fuel and Gas Stations in Montenegro

Introduction to Fuelling Up in Montenegro

Montenegro’s gas station network is well-developed, ensuring that both locals and travelers can easily find places to refuel. This guide provides essential information about gas stations in Montenegro, helping you navigate fueling up during your travels with your rental car

Infographic diagram explaining fuel and gas stations in Montenegro
Infographic – Guide to fuel and gas stations in Montenegro

Types of Fuel Available in Montenegro

In Montenegro, gas stations offer unleaded petrol with octane ratings of 95 and 98, as well as diesel. While alternative fuels are not widely available, major stations are equipped to serve most vehicles efficiently.

How to Find Gas Stations in Montenegro

Locating gas stations in Montenegro is straightforward. Travelers can use mobile apps, GPS devices, and road signs. In urban areas and along major highways, stations are easily accessible.
There are fuel stations at least every 20 to 70 km in Montenegro, so carrying extra fuel in a container is not necessary.

A panoramic view of Kotor Old Town in Montenegro, from the mountain fortress above the city. Beyond the city is the bay of Kotor and steep mountains in the background. The text overlay reads - Car rental in Kotor

Top Gas Station Chains in Montenegro

Major chains include Petrol, EKO, and Lukoil, offering more than just fuel; many have convenience stores, restrooms, and even cafes, making them perfect for a quick stop during long drives.

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Pricing of Fuel in Montenegro

Fuel prices in Montenegro, similar to elsewhere, are subject to change but offer a rough guide for budgeting your travels. As of March 2024, the average price for unleaded petrol (95 octane) hovered around €1.57 per liter, while diesel was slightly lower at about €1.52 per liter. Premium fuels, such as 98 octane petrol, typically cost more, averaging around €1.61 per liter.
LPG is a much cheaper alternative fuel at only €0.71 per liter. 

These prices place Montenegro in the mid-range for fuel costs in Europe, making it relatively affordable compared to some of its neighbors.

Type of fuelAverage Price p/Liter – 5 March 2024
Super 95€ 1.570
Premium 98€ 1.610
Diesel€ 1.520
LPG€ 0.710
Average Fuel Prices in Montenegro
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Payment Options at Gas Stations in Montenegro

Most gas stations accept cash, credit cards, and contactless payments, making transactions convenient for all customers.

FAQs for Tourists Using Gas Stations in Montenegro

Q: Are gas stations in Montenegro open 24/7?

Not all, but many stations in urban areas and along major highways operate around the clock.

Q: Can I find gas stations easily in rural areas of Montenegro?

While less frequent, rural areas do have gas stations, though it’s wise to refuel when possible.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a problem at a gas station in Montenegro?

Report any issues to the station manager or contact local authorities if necessary.