Podgorica Airport – Arriving and Departing Montenegro

Introduction to Podgorica Airport

Heading into Podgorica? You’ll likely start at Podgorica Airport, Montenegro’s main hub for flying in. Just a quick drive from the city center, it’s your ideal launchpad for exploring everything from historic sites to stunning coastlines.

Quick Guide: Podgorica Airport Key Takeaways

Location: Just a short drive from Podgorica city center. Your starting point to explore Montenegro.

Time Zones: Montenegro is 1 hour behind Moscow in summer, 2 in winter. Matches Central European Time. Your tickets will reflect local time to make planning easier.

Arrival Tips: Podgorica Airport offers a straightforward, efficient arrival process, even during peak travel seasons. Daytime landings offer stunning views, so keep your camera ready.

Wi-Fi: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi in the waiting areas. For more robust connectivity needs, SIM cards are available for purchase at the airport.

Important Contacts:

  • Help Desk: +382 20 444 244 for general inquiries and immediate assistance.
  • Lost and Found: +382 20 444 244 for assistance with misplaced baggage.
  • Website: www.montenegroairports.com for detailed airport information.
  • Address: [Insert full address] for navigation and ride services.

Getting to Resorts:

  • Bus: Economical option with stops near the airport. Check the latest schedules for a smooth journey.
  • Taxi: Available directly outside the terminal. Agree on the fare beforehand or ensure the meter is running for a hassle-free ride.
  • Car Rental: Ideal for flexibility and exploring at your own pace. Pre-book to secure the best rates and vehicle choice.
  • Car Rental Advice: Consider your itinerary and group size when choosing a vehicle. Pre-booking and understanding the rental agreement, especially for international travel, is essential.

Dealing with Time Zones? 

Montenegro sticks to Central European Time, simplifying your schedule adjustments. And as for getting from here to your next stop, you’ve got options that are straightforward and traveler-focused.

Image of the interior of Podgorica Airport departure terminal in Montenegro - Text overlay reads - Podgorica Airport in Montenegro

Arrival in Podgorica Airport 

Landing at Podgorica Airport is your first step into the heart of Montenegro. Here’s what you need to know to make your arrival smooth and hassle-free:

Daylight Landings

Like many airports surrounded by nature, Podgorica welcomes most of its flights during daylight. It adds an extra layer of beauty to your arrival with scenic views that are definitely Instagram-worthy.

Navigating the Terminal

Don’t let its size fool you; the terminal is equipped with everything you need, from snack bars to car rental desks. It’s all about quick, no-fuss service to get you on your way.

Customs & Baggage

Clearing customs is usually swift. If you arrive during a busy slot, it might take a bit longer, but the process is well-organized. Lost luggage? The lost and found services are there to help.

Staying Connected

Need to send a quick update or check your emails? Free Wi-Fi is available, keeping you connected from the moment you arrive. Need more data? SIM cards are available for purchase at the airport.

If your suitcase is lost, contact the lost and found office, phone:  +382 20 444 244

Direct Flight Destinations from Tivat Airport

What airlines fly from Podgorica Airport in Montenegro? Which destinations can I fly to direct from Podgorica airport?

Here is a hand table of all available destination airports, airlines and flight durations departing from Podgorica Airport in Montenegro!

DestinationAirlineFlight Duration
Belgrad Nikola Tesla AirportAir Serbia0h 50m
Istanbul AirportTurkish Airlines1h 45m
Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International AirportPegasus1h 55m
Vienna International AirportAustrian1h 25m
LjubljanaInterjet1h 5m
StanstedRyanair UK2h 55m
Athens International AirportAegean Airlines1h 40m
Budapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportWizz Air1h 20m
FiumicinoInterjet1h 20m
Memmingen AirportWizz Air1h 50m
Milan Malpensa AirportWizz Air Malta1h 50m
Zurich AirportInterjet2h 0m
Kraków John Paul II International AirportRyanair1h 40m
Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa AirportRyanair2h 15m
Berlin Brandenburg AirportRyanair2h 0m
DortmundWizz Air2h 30m
Brussels South Charleroi AirportRyanair2h 30m
Warsaw Chopin AirportLOT2h 0m
Manchester AirportRyanair UK3h 10m
Orly AirportTransavia France2h 40m
Copernicus Airport WrocławRyanair1h 50m
Zagreb AirportRyanair1h 10m
İzmir Adnan Menderes AirportSunExpress1h 45m
Cologne Bonn AirportWizz Air2h 30m
Radom AirportLOT1h 50m
Destinations and Airlines flying from Podgorica Airport in Montenegro

Wi-Fi at Podgorica airport

Staying online at Podgorica Airport couldn’t be easier. From the moment you land, free Wi-Fi is at your fingertips, allowing you to connect with loved ones, update your social media, or simply browse the internet while you wait for your luggage or your next flight. No need to fumble around for passwords or sign up for any services; just select the network, and you’re all set.

For those of you who need a bit more from your connection, whether it’s for sending larger files, streaming, or just ensuring you have internet wherever you go in Montenegro, SIM cards are readily available at various airport counters. This way, you can enjoy high-speed internet access on your device without worrying about finding Wi-Fi hotspots as you travel around.

Image of the interior of Podgorica Airport departure terminal in Montenegro - Text overlay reads - Podgorica Airport in Montenegro

Important Airport Contacts

Having key contacts for Podgorica Airport can smooth out your travel experience, ensuring you have quick access to essential information and assistance whenever needed. Here are the details to keep handy:

Address: Keep the airport’s address noted for easy navigation or if you’re using a taxi or ride-sharing service: Podgorica Airport, 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro. This is also useful if you’re meeting someone at the airport.

Help Desk Phone: For any inquiries, assistance, or information directly from the airport, dial +382 20 444 244. Whether it’s a question about your flight, airport services, or lost and found, the help desk is there to assist you.

Official Website: For the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about Podgorica Airport, from flight schedules to airport amenities, visit their official website at www.montenegroairports.com. It’s a valuable resource for planning your visit, checking flight statuses, and exploring airport services.

Address: Podgorica Airport, 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro (Google Maps)

Help desk phone:  +382 20 444 244

Official website:  www.montenegroairports.com

How to get from Podgorica airport to the nearest resorts

Navigating your way from Podgorica Airport to Montenegro’s stunning resorts is straightforward, with a variety of transport options to suit every preference and budget. Here’s how you can smoothly transition from your arrival to soaking up the sun on the Montenegrin coast or exploring its lush landscapes.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get around, the bus service from Podgorica Airport offers a reliable connection to key destinations. The bus stop is conveniently located outside the terminal. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local vibe, though do check the timetable for the latest schedule to plan your journey efficiently.


For a hassle-free, direct route to your resort, taxis are readily available at the airport. It’s advisable to agree on the fare beforehand or ensure the meter is running to avoid any surprises. Taxis provide the comfort and convenience of dropping you right at your accommodation’s doorstep, especially helpful if you’re carrying heavy luggage.

Car Rental: 

Fancy exploring Montenegro at your own pace? Renting a car from Podgorica Airport could be the perfect choice. With rental agencies located within the airport, you can pick up your vehicle shortly after landing. This option gives you the flexibility to venture off the beaten path and discover Montenegro’s hidden gems.


While the train might not be the most direct way to reach coastal resorts from Podgorica Airport, it’s an option worth considering if you’re headed to destinations connected by rail. The train offers a scenic journey through Montenegro’s landscapes, though you’ll need to get from the airport to the train station in Podgorica city center first, which could be a short taxi or bus ride away.

A panoramic view of Kotor Old Town in Montenegro, from the mountain fortress above the city. Beyond the city is the bay of Kotor and steep mountains in the background. The text overlay reads - Car rental in Kotor

Rent a Car at Podgorica Airport

Renting a car at Podgorica Airport is your ticket to discovering Montenegro’s breathtaking landscapes and charming towns at your own pace. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth car rental experience:

Pre-booking Is Key: 

To save time and secure the best deal, it’s wise to book your rental car in advance. This way, you can compare rates, select your preferred vehicle, and arrange for any extras you might need, like GPS or child seats.

Picking Up Your Car:

Once you land at Podgorica Airport, head to the car rental desks, usually located within the terminal or just outside. Present your booking confirmation, driver’s license, and a credit card for the deposit. The staff will guide you through the final paperwork and direct you to your car.

Choosing the Right Vehicle:

Consider the nature of your trip when selecting a vehicle. Compact cars are great for city driving and fuel efficiency, while an SUV might be better suited for mountainous terrains or groups with more luggage. Also, check for air conditioning and sufficient space for a comfortable journey.

Safety First:

Ensure your rental comes equipped with all necessary safety features. If you’re traveling with young children, request the appropriate child safety seats in advance. Familiarize yourself with the local driving laws to keep your trip safe and enjoyable.

Going Further:

Planning to explore beyond Montenegro’s borders? Make sure your rental agreement includes coverage for international travel. Some companies offer a “green card” that provides insurance coverage across borders.

Returning Your Car:

Before your departure, check the rental company’s policy for returning the vehicle. Some companies offer flexible return options, including after-hours drop-offs. Ensure the car is refueled according to your rental agreement to avoid any additional charges.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable Montenegrin adventure with the freedom to explore at your own pace, from the serene shores of the Adriatic to the rugged beauty of the Durmitor National Park.