Tivat Airport – Welcome to Montenegro!

Introduction to Tivat Airport

Welcome to Tivat Airport, your gateway to the stunning landscapes and coastal gems of Montenegro! Nestled just 4 km away from Tivat’s city center, this airport is not just a transit point but the start of your Montenegrin adventure. Despite its modest size, Tivat Airport becomes a bustling hub in summer, connecting travelers to the warm embrace of the Adriatic Sea and beyond.

Quick Guide – Tivat Airport Key Takeaways

  • Location: 4 km from Tivat center. Gateway to Montenegro’s beauty.
  • Time Zones: 1 hour behind Moscow in summer, 2 in winter. 1 hour ahead of UK. Same time as Berlin.
  • Arrival Tips: Daytime flights only. Quick customs, depending on flight volume. Lost luggage? Call +382 (0) 32670913.
  • Wi-Fi: Free in waiting area. For stronger connection, buy a SIM at the airport.
  • Important Contacts:
    • Help Desk: +382 (0) 32671337
    • Lost and Found: +382 (0) 32670913
    • Website: www.montenegroairports.com
    • Address: 27 Narodnih Heroja, Tivat, Montenegro
  • Getting to Resorts:
    • Bus: Affordable, bus stop 200m from terminal. Charges for luggage.
    • Taxi: Pre-book to save. Direct and comfortable.
    • Car Rental: Best for flexibility. Book ahead. Choose based on space and needs.
  • Car Rental Advice: Pre-book, consider luggage space and air conditioning. Follow local safety laws.

Order an E-Sim for Montenegro and other destinations

Buy a Montenegro E-Sim before arrival for the most convenient way to stay online during your trip!

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Dealing with different time zones? 

Here’s a quick tip: Montenegro is usually an hour behind Moscow in summer and two hours in winter. It’s also 1 hour ahead of the UK and the same time as Berlin.

And don’t worry about time conversions; your ticket times are all set to the local time zone, making your travel plans smooth and hassle-free.

So, whether you’re here to explore ancient towns, soak up some sun, or dive into Montenegro’s rich culture, Tivat Airport is where your journey begins. Let’s get you started on an unforgettable journey!

Image of the exterior frontage of Tivat Airport Terminal building in Montenegro. Text overlay reads - Tivat Airport in Montenegro

Arrival in Tivat Airport 

Arriving at Tivat Airport is the first step of your Montenegrin adventure. Here’s what you need to know to make your landing as smooth as possible:

Daytime Flights Only: 

Due to its unique location surrounded by mountains, Tivat Airport welcomes flights exclusively during daylight hours. This scenic approach offers stunning views of the mountains and the Bay of Kotor—don’t forget to snap a few photos!

Navigating the Terminal: 

Tivat Airport may be small, with its cozy terminal housing 11 check-in counters, but it packs everything you need, from an information desk to baggage services. The second terminal opens up in the summer to accommodate the tourist influx, ensuring your arrival is as smooth as your flight.

Customs and Baggage: 

Customs clearance is typically quick, but it can vary depending on the number of flights. During peak times, you might wait up to an hour, but it’s organized so everyone gets through efficiently. If it’s not too busy, you might find your luggage already circling on the conveyor belt by the time you’re through. Lost luggage? The airport’s lost and found is ready to assist.

If your suitcase is lost, contact the lost and found office, phone: +382 (0) 32670913.

Image of check-in desks inside the Tivat Airport departures terminal in Montenegro. Text overlay reads - Tivat Airport Departure Terminal

Direct Flight Destinations from Tivat Airport

What airlines fly from Tivat Airport in Montenegro? Which destinations can I fly to direct from Tivat airport?

Here is a hand table of all available destination airports, airlines and flight durations departing from Tivat Airport in Montenegro!

DestinationAirlineFlight Duration
Belgrade Nikola Tesla AirportAir Serbia0h 50m
Istanbul AirportTurkish Airlines1h 50m
Copenhagen AirportSAS2h 30m
Stockholm Arlanda AirportSAS2h 55m
Moreva AirportAir Serbia1h 0m
Riga International AirportAir Baltic2h 30m
Brussels AirportTUI Airlines Belgium2h 50m
Dusseldorf AirportEurowings2h 15m
Dubai Internationalflydubai5h 15m
Geneva AirporteasyJet1h 55m
GatwickeasyJet3h 0m
Manchester AirporteasyJet3h 10m
Munich AirportLufthansa1h 40m
Orly AirportTransavia France2h 35m
Oslo Gardermoen AirportNorwegian Air Shuttle3h 15m
Helsinki AirportNorwegian Air Intl3h 5m
Berlin Brandenburg AirporteasyJet2h 5m
Frankfurt AirportLufthansa2h 10m
Stuttgart AirportEurowings1h 50m
Ben Gurion International AirportEl Al2h 50m
NisAir Serbia0h 55m
Vienna International AirportAustrian1h 25m
Luxembourg AirportLuxair2h 40m
Zurich AirportEdelweiss Air1h 58m
Birmingham AirportJet23h 20m
Bristol AirporteasyJet3h 5m
Destinations and Airlines flying from Tivat Airport in Montenegro

Wi-Fi at Tivat airport

As soon as you step into the waiting area, you’ll have access to free Wi-Fi. There’s no need to hunt for passwords or sign up for any services; simply connect and you’re good to go. While the speed might not set records at 128 kb/s, it’s more than enough to check your emails, send off a few messages, or catch up on the latest news.

For those needing a bit more connectivity, especially if you plan to explore beyond Tivat, SIM cards are readily available at the airport. Head over to one of the specialized counters to pick one up. This is a great way to ensure you stay connected with high-speed internet throughout your Montenegrin adventure, whether you’re navigating the winding roads of the coast or sharing snapshots of your journey.

So, whether it’s a quick check-in online or ensuring you’re set for your trip, Wi-Fi at Tivat Airport has got you covered.

Important Airport Contacts

Keeping important contacts handy can make all the difference in smoothing out your travels through Tivat Airport. Whether it’s a question about facilities, needing assistance, or planning your onward journey, knowing whom to call can save you time and hassle. Here’s a quick guide to the essential contacts:

Help Desk: For general inquiries or immediate assistance within the airport, the Help Desk is your go-to. Reach them directly at +382 (0) 32671337. They’re on hand to help with everything from navigation queries to service information.

Lost and Found: If you arrive only to find your baggage hasn’t made the journey with you, contact the Lost and Found office without delay at +382 (0) 32670913. They’ll assist you in tracking down your belongings and advise on the next steps.

Official Website: For a comprehensive overview of services, facilities, and more detailed contact information, visit Tivat Airport’s official website at www.montenegroairports.com. It’s a great resource for planning your visit and staying informed about any changes or updates at the airport.

Address for Navigation: If you’re driving to or from the airport, or if you need to provide a meeting point to someone, the physical address is 27 Narodnih Heroja, Tivat, Montenegro. Pin it on your map for easy navigation.

Armed with these contacts, you can navigate your arrival, stay, and departure from Tivat Airport with confidence. Remember, a quick call or visit to the right service desk can often provide solutions and information to enhance your travel experience. Safe travels!

Address: 27 Narodnih Heroja, Tivat, Montenegro ( Show on Google maps )

Help desk phone:  +382 (0) 32671337

Official website:  www.montenegroairports.com

How to get from Tivat airport to the nearest resorts

Getting from Tivat Airport to the nearest resorts is straightforward, with options to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly solutions or prefer the convenience of a private ride, here’s how you can make your way to the beautiful Montenegrin coastline or into the heart of the mountains.


If you’re aiming for an economical route, the bus is a great choice. The catch? The bus stop isn’t right outside the terminal. You’ll find it about 200 meters down the Jadran Path. Walking this distance is easy without luggage, but with suitcases, be prepared for a bit of a trek due to uneven sidewalks. Buses head to major destinations like Budva, Podgorica, and Kotor, but schedules can be a bit unpredictable. Fares are reasonable, ranging from 2-3 euros to Tivat and up to 5-7 euros for farther destinations like Budva, plus a small fee for luggage.


For a smoother, more comfortable journey, consider pre-booking a taxi. This avoids the higher charges often found with taxis hailed directly at the airport. A ride to Tivat takes about 10 minutes, while reaching Budva or Kotor is about 20-25 minutes. The drive to Podgorica is longer, around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Comparing costs, the convenience of a taxi can sometimes outweigh the slight price difference, especially for groups or those laden with luggage.

A panoramic view of Kotor Old Town in Montenegro, from the mountain fortress above the city. Beyond the city is the bay of Kotor and steep mountains in the background. The text overlay reads - Car rental in Kotor

Rent a car at Tivat airport

For the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, renting a car might be your best bet. Book ahead and your vehicle will be waiting for you upon arrival. This option allows you to explore Montenegro at your own pace, from its coastal gems to mountainous retreats. When selecting a vehicle, consider luggage space, air conditioning (a must in summer), and engine power if you’re planning mountain excursions. Remember, children under 5 must be in appropriate car seats, and if you’re venturing abroad, ensure you have the necessary documentation like a green card.

Each of these options has its benefits, whether you’re prioritizing cost, convenience, or flexibility. Whichever you choose, you’re just a step away from starting your Montenegrin adventure in the beautiful resorts dotting the country.

Pre-booking Is Key: 

To ensure your car is ready and waiting when you land, it’s wise to arrange your rental in advance. This way, you can compare options, secure a competitive rate, and choose a vehicle that best suits your travel needs.

Picking Up Your Car: 

Once you’ve landed, making your way to the car rental area is straightforward. If you’ve pre-booked, completing the paperwork is usually a quick process, taking around 20 minutes. Make sure to have your driving license, ID (or passport), and booking confirmation handy.

Order an E-Sim for Montenegro and other destinations

Buy a Montenegro E-Sim before arrival for the most convenient way to stay online during your trip!

Order an E sim for Montenegro and other destinations. Banner with image of a woman travelling.

Choosing the Right Vehicle: 

Consider the size of your group and the amount of luggage when selecting a car. Compact cars are great for couples or solo travelers, but if you’re traveling with family or in a group, you might need something with more space. Air conditioning is a must during the hot Montenegrin summers, and if you’re planning to explore the mountainous regions, a car with a bit more power will make your journey more comfortable.

Safety First: 

Montenegro has specific regulations for young travelers, requiring children under 5 to be in child safety seats. Make sure your rental agreement includes this if you’re traveling with little ones.

Going Further: 

If your adventure takes you beyond Montenegro’s borders, check if your rental agreement includes a green card for international travel. This insurance card is a must-have for crossing into neighboring countries.

Returning Your Car: 

Familiarize yourself with the return procedures, especially if you have an early flight or need to return the car outside of standard office hours. Most rental agencies offer flexible return options to accommodate your travel plans.

Renting a car at Tivat Airport is more than just a convenience; it’s your ticket to an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro. With the right preparation, you can ensure a smooth start to your road trip adventure.