The Best Place to Live in Montenegro

Traditional Montenegrin houses located by the coastline. The houses have red roofs stone walls and are surrounded by the sea

Deciding where to live in Montenegro can be an exciting yet challenging journey, as this enchanting country offers a buffet of diverse and captivating locations.

In this article, I’ll guide you through an in-depth exploration of Montenegro‘s most alluring regions, provide you with some pros and cons, and give you insight into the best areas to consider in each town.

My aim is to help you navigate the diverse landscape of Montenegro, so you can make an informed decision and find the best place to live that aligns with your needs and desires.

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Living in Montenegro as an Expat: Cost of Living, Safety, Pros & Cons

Living in Montenegro as an Expat: Cost of Living, Safety, Pros & Cons

Maybe Montenegro has caught your eye because of its favorable tax system. Or maybe it’s part of your long-term plan for a passport with EU membership. Or maybe you see it as a great real estate investment.

Aside from these strategic considerations, you might be left with some questions. What’s it like living in Montenegro? How much are living expenses in Montenegro? Are there many other expats living and working in Montenegro?

Below you’ll find answers to these questions with guidance on everything from the cost of living to how to retire in Montenegro. This is your guide to determining if Montenegro is a good place for you to live.

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Montenegro Expat Guide

Montenegro Expat Guide

After moving to a new country, social media and video-chat technology have made it much easier for today’s expats to stay in touch with friends and family from back home.

At some point, they might find it difficult to relate to your stories about trying to decipher a utility bill written in Montenegrin. And they probably won’t have any tips for the best place to find fresh seafood in Podgorica.

That’s where a thriving expat community comes in handy.

Because of Montenegro’s short history as an independent country and the diverse multi-ethnic makeup leftover from its time as part of Yugoslavia, it’s tough to say exactly how many expats live in Montenegro.

One thing’s for sure, expats are thriving and growing segment of the country’s approximately 625,000 inhabitants.

Read on for a comprehensive expat guide to Montenegro. Expats will appreciate these resources that connect them to a broader community and help them get the most out of expat life in Montenegro.

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Moving to Montenegro: Your Complete Guide

Moving to Montenegro: Your Complete Guide

With a dynamic economy and attractive location on the Adriatic coast, Montenegro is a beacon for thousands of people looking to relocate.

That’s a big step that can have a dramatic impact on your way of life.

Everything from applying for a residence permit to hiring a moving service should be on your Montenegro move checklist.

Especially if this is your first time moving overseas you may find that there are a few surprises in store. Planning and patience are the two best tools.

Moving to Montenegro is an excellent choice for many people.

This practical guide will lead you through the process with the goal of avoiding as many headaches as possible. Make this step-by-step plan your bible for guiding your relocation process.

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Montenegro Schools

Montenegro Schools

If local schools are a top reason for choosing a home then surely a school system is an essential part of choosing a home country.

Montenegro’s schools are modern and progressive and complemented by a number of private school options. There are also English and international school choices in Montenegro.

This guide will introduce you to the Montenegro school system and help you understand what to expect before enrolling your child in one.

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