Car Hire in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Herceg Novi, located in Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor, offers stunning views of terracotta rooftops and the Adriatic Sea. To explore this coastal town at your leisure, consider renting a car. It’s ideal for those wanting to visit remote beaches and historical sites, or simply move around the city with ease.

Compare Hundreds of Rental Cars at Once for Car Rental Deals in Herceg Novi

Starting your car rental search involves sifting through a wide range of options, but it’s simpler than it sounds. To find the right vehicle for your needs, consider using a comparison website like Local Rent. These sites allow you to view various cars—from family estates and SUVs to compact sedans and luxury sports cars—all in one place.

Here are a few reasons to compare different providers:

  • Competitive Rates: Comparison sites encourage providers to offer better deals.
  • Wide Selection: You have more flexibility to choose a car that meets your specific needs.
  • Easy Comparison: Save time by using filters to narrow down your search on a single platform.

With the right tools, finding your ideal rental car is straightforward. Stay tuned for more essential tips on car rental in Herceg Novi. Happy exploring!

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Car Rental Information

If you’re planning a trip to Herceg Novi and considering renting a car for more flexibility, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rental process and the necessary documents. Here’s a straightforward guide to make your car rental experience seamless:

Essential Documents for Car Rental

To rent a car in Herceg Novi, you will need:

  • A valid Driver’s License (International Driving Permit if your license uses a non-Roman alphabet).
  • A Credit Card for the security deposit.
  • A Passport or another form of ID for verification.

Age Restrictions

The minimum age for renting a car is usually 21, but this can be higher for luxury vehicles, often around 25. Drivers under 25 may incur a young driver surcharge.

Fuel Policy

Most rental companies in Herceg Novi use a full-to-full fuel policy: you pick up the car with a full tank and return it full. Always confirm the fuel policy with your rental agency.

By understanding these essentials, you’re well on your way to a smooth car rental experience in Herceg Novi. Enjoy your journey!

The Most Popular Locations for Car Rental in Montenegro

A panoramic view of Kotor Old Town in Montenegro, from the mountain fortress above the city. Beyond the city is the bay of Kotor and steep mountains in the background. The text overlay reads - Car rental in Kotor

Cheap Car Rentals in Herceg Novi

Renting a car in Herceg Novi can significantly enhance your vacation experience by providing a stress-free and affordable way to explore the area. Despite concerns about high rental costs, Herceg Novi boasts plenty of economical car rental options that offer quality vehicles without breaking the bank.

These budget-friendly car rentals in Herceg Novi offer a range of vehicles to suit various needs, from sedans for solo travelers or small groups to SUVs for families, mini-vans for group trips, and even stylish convertibles. The best part? Their rates are surprisingly affordable.

To find the best deals on car rentals:

  • Book Early: Starting your search early allows you to compare prices and choose the best deal.
  • Skip Airport Pick-ups: Picking up your rental car at the airport can be more expensive due to additional taxes. Consider pick-up locations in the city or tourist spots to save money.
  • Consider Longer Rentals: Opting for a long-term rental if you’re staying for several weeks can be about 30% cheaper than daily rates.

With these strategies, securing a budget-friendly car rental in Herceg Novi is easy, allowing you to enjoy your trip without financial worries.

Airports Serving Herceg Novi

For travelers heading to Herceg Novi, there are two main airports nearby to consider for your journey:

Tivat Airport (TIV): 

Just 23 km away, Tivat Airport is the nearest option, offering both domestic and international flights. Conveniently, car rental services are readily available on-site for those looking to drive to Herceg Novi upon arrival.

Dubrovnik Airport (DBV): 

Located about 38 km away in Croatia, Dubrovnik Airport is another viable option. Crossing the international border into Montenegro may require some additional paperwork, but the availability of shuttle buses to Herceg Novi and the prospect of exploring further make it an attractive alternative.

Choosing to rent a car from either airport can significantly enhance your travel experience, providing the freedom to explore Herceg Novi and its surroundings at your own pace.

Popular Places to Visit near Herceg Novi with a Rental Car

Herceg Novi, nestled at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor, is a captivating coastal town in Montenegro known for its stunning landscapes, historical architecture, and therapeutic spas. With its strategic location, Herceg Novi serves as an excellent base for exploring the surrounding areas by car. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in and near Herceg Novi, showcasing the region’s natural beauty and historical sites.

1. Fortress Spanjola:

Just above Herceg Novi, this fortress offers panoramic views of the bay and town. It’s a testament to the town’s rich history and a great starting point for understanding its past.

2. Blue Cave:

Accessible by a short drive and boat trip, the Blue Cave on the Lustica Peninsula is famous for its glowing blue waters, ideal for swimming and diving.

3. Rose:

A quaint fishing village across the bay, Rose is accessible by car and a short ferry ride. Known for its peaceful beaches and fresh seafood, it’s a perfect spot for a quiet day out.

4. Savina Monastery:

Set amidst lush gardens, this Orthodox monastery is a place of peace and spiritual reflection, showcasing impressive frescoes and architecture.

5. Mount Orjen:

A drive to Mount Orjen reveals breathtaking natural landscapes. The mountain offers hiking trails that provide spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea and the Bay of Kotor.

6. Perast:

A scenic drive around the Bay of Kotor takes you to Perast, known for its baroque architecture and the iconic Our Lady of the Rocks island church.

7. Kotor:

Further along the bay, the medieval town of Kotor boasts UNESCO-listed old town walls, narrow cobblestone streets, and vibrant squares, all set against the dramatic backdrop of the mountains.

8. Tivat and Porto Montenegro:

Offering a glimpse into Montenegro’s luxury yachting lifestyle, Tivat and its Porto Montenegro marina are filled with upscale dining, shopping, and leisure facilities.

Renting a car in Herceg Novi not only allows for easy exploration of the town’s historical sites and beaches but also opens up the opportunity to discover the broader beauty and cultural heritage of Montenegro. Each destination around Herceg Novi offers a unique experience, from the serene waters of the Blue Cave to the historic streets of Kotor, making for an enriching travel adventure.

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FAQs About Renting a Car in Herceg Novi

To help first-time visitors or seasoned travelers navigate the car rental process in Herceg Novi, here are answers to some common questions:

Do I need an International Driver’s License to rent a car in Herceg Novi?

If you’re a foreign traveler, you might need an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside your national driver’s license. However, this is not necessary for most nationalities.
The IDP serves as a certified translation of your license, facilitating validation by rental agencies and local authorities. You should check the travel advisory website for your own country to find out if your nationality requires an International Driver’s Licence for Montenegro.

What is the age requirement for renting a car?

The minimum age to rent a car typically is 21 years. However, drivers between 21 to 25 years old may face additional “young driver fees”. For high-performance or luxury vehicles, the minimum age might be set at 25. Always verify age requirements with your rental company.

Are there any specific traffic rules I should be aware of?

Familiarize yourself with local traffic laws:

  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.
  • The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited unless a hands-free system is used.

Adhere to strict drink-driving regulations.

  • Always prioritize safety and stay alert to local driving conditions.

Can I cross into neighboring countries with my rented car?

The ability to cross borders in a rental car depends on the rental company’s policy. While some companies permit international travel, others may restrict it or require additional insurance for cross-border trips. Confirm this policy and any extra costs with your rental agency ahead of your journey.

These answers aim to simplify your car rental experience in Herceg Novi, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable exploration of this captivating city.