Car Hire in Podgorica, Montenegro

Planning a trip to Podgorica, Montenegro? Whether you’re there for cultural exploration, culinary experiences, or business, getting around without a car can be challenging. This guide will simplify car hire services in Podgorica for you. We’ll compare rental options, offer insights on finding affordable rentals, and provide information on Podgorica’s airports. Plus, we’ll answer common questions about car rentals. By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge to choose the best transport option for your visit.

Compare Hundreds of Rental Cars at Once for Car Rental Deals in Podgorica

Using online car hire service platforms, like Local Rent offers unmatched convenience by allowing comparisons of services from numerous providers in one place. These platforms act as search engines for car rentals, enabling users to book in advance with a variety of pickup options across Podgorica. They offer several benefits:

  • Convenience: Easily access a wide selection of cars across various prices and categories.
  • Transparent Pricing: Displayed rates include all mandatory insurances, eliminating surprise charges.
  • Free Cancellation: Flexible cancellation policies make it easy to back out if plans change.

Next, we’ll explore more about car rentals in Podgorica, including affordable options, airport services, and frequently asked questions.

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Podgorica Car Rental Information

Renting a car in Podgorica offers the freedom to explore Montenegro’s capital and its surrounding areas. Here’s what you need to know for a smooth rental experience:

Choosing a Car Rental Service: Podgorica features a mix of international and local car rental services, including Sixt, Hertz, and Europcar, among others. Online platforms can help compare prices and find the best deals.

Age and License Requirements: Renters must be at least 21 years old and have held a driving license for at least two years. For certain vehicles, the age requirement might be higher.

Insurance: Rental cars come with basic insurance, but additional coverage for theft or damage is often available for an extra fee. Check your personal auto insurance as it might cover rentals too.

Navigation and Driving: Most rental cars in Podgorica are equipped with GPS, aiding navigation across the city and country. Montenegro drives on the right-hand side. Adhere to speed limits, which vary from 50 km/h in urban areas to 130 km/h on highways.

Returning the Car: Ensure the car is returned on time, in good condition, and with a full tank, if required by your rental agreement. Any traffic violations or damages incurred during the rental period may result in additional charges.

Stay tuned for more tips on finding affordable car rentals in Podgorica and answers to common rental questions.

The Most Popular Locations for Car Rental in Montenegro

A panoramic view of Kotor Old Town in Montenegro, from the mountain fortress above the city. Beyond the city is the bay of Kotor and steep mountains in the background. The text overlay reads - Car rental in Kotor

Cheap Car Rentals in Podgorica

Finding an affordable car rental in Podgorica is straightforward with several trusted companies offering cost-effective solutions for every traveler. Here are highlights for securing a budget-friendly rental:

  • Local Rent Montenegro – This is best rental car comparison platform in Montenegro. They offer the widest range of cars from local and international operators, ensuring that you can always find the best deal!

Booking early often results in better deals, especially in central Podgorica or at the airport. It’s important to consider the type of vehicle and additional features you might need, such as space for family travel or fuel efficiency for solo journeys. While finding a cheap car rental in Podgorica takes some comparison and research, starting with these reputable companies can offer both savings and quality service.

Airports Serving Podgorica

Podgorica is served by its main airport, Podgorica Airport (TGD), located 12 kilometers south of the city center. This airport connects Montenegro with key European cities like Vienna, Zurich, Istanbul, and Belgrade through daily flights. It’s equipped with modern amenities including restaurants, shops, VIP lounges, and ample parking, ensuring a comfortable travel experience. For those looking to explore Podgorica and beyond, car rental services are readily available at the airport. It’s advisable to book in advance to secure the best deals. 

Alternatively, Tivat Airport (TIV), about 90 km away and near the Adriatic coast, offers additional flight options into Montenegro. Next, we’ll explore how to find affordable car rentals at Podgorica airport, enhancing your travel experience.

Popular Places to Visit near Podgorica with a Rental Car

Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, offers a unique blend of modern architecture, ancient history, and natural wonders. Its central location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural heritage sites Montenegro has to offer. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in and near Podgorica for those with a rental car, emphasizing destinations that showcase the beauty and diversity of the region.

1. Skadar Lake National Park:

Just a short drive from Podgorica, this park is known for its vast freshwater lake, abundant wildlife, especially birds, and beautiful monasteries. Boat tours offer a closer look at the lake’s many islands and clear waters.

2. Ostrog Monastery:

Carved into a nearly vertical mountain cliff, Ostrog Monastery is a marvel of Montenegrin spiritual and architectural tradition. The drive offers stunning views and the monastery itself is a significant pilgrimage site.

3. Niagara Falls of Montenegro:

A hidden gem near Podgorica, these waterfalls are a peaceful retreat with lush surroundings. It’s a great spot for a picnic or a leisurely walk.

4. Cetinje:

The old royal capital of Montenegro is just a drive away, offering historical sites like the Blue Palace and the Monastery of Cetinje. The town is nestled at the foot of Mount Lovćen, making the journey as scenic as the destination.

5. Biogradska Gora National Park:

This park is one of Europe’s last three rainforests and offers pristine natural beauty, hiking trails, and the serene Biograd Lake. The drive through the mountainous landscape to get there is breathtaking.

6. Lovćen National Park and Njegoš Mausoleum:

Offering panoramic views over Lake Skadar, the Bay of Kotor, and the high mountains, the drive to Lovćen National Park is spectacular. The mausoleum of Montenegro’s greatest hero, Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, sits atop one of its peaks.

7. Rijeka Crnojevića:

This charming riverside village is perfect for those looking to experience Montenegro’s natural beauty and enjoy fresh, local cuisine. The drive along the river leading to the village is picturesque, making it a perfect day trip.

8. Bar:

Driving to the coastal city of Bar, visitors can explore the Old Bar, an ancient city ruin, and enjoy the beautiful beaches along the coast. The contrast between the old and new parts of Bar provides a unique insight into Montenegro’s history and contemporary life.

Renting a car in Podgorica opens up a world of exploration. Each of these destinations offers a unique experience, from the tranquility of Skadar Lake to the historic streets of Cetinje, making for an unforgettable journey through Montenegro’s heartland.

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FAQs About Renting a Car in Podgorica

Renting a car at the Podgorica airport or in the city can indeed throw up several questions. It’s my job to ensure that these concerns do not turn into obstacles for you. So, let’s delve into the frequently asked questions about car rental in Podgorica.

1. Is an International Driving License Required to Rent a Car in Podgorica?

If you’re from abroad and thinking about renting a vehicle here, there’s good news. An international driving license is not usually mandatory for foreign visitors. However, most car hire companies will require renters to have held their driver’s licence for a minimum of two years prior to renting. Naturally, this requirement varies from one agency to another.

2. Are There Age Restrictions For Hiring Cars?

As per Montenegrin laws, drivers need to be at least 21 years old to rent cars, with some firms implementing an upper age limit of 70 years old. It’s also worth noting that drivers under the age of 25 may likely encounter “young-driver fees,” which serve as added daily costs during your car rental period.

3. What Fuel Policy Should I Expect?

Most car rentals in Podgorica implement a full-to-full fuel policy. Under this arrangement, you’ll receive the vehicle with a full tank and should return it just as full; failing which can result in additional charges being levied by the firm.

4. Can I Cross Borders With My Rental Car?

When booking your Podgorica Airport car rental or city rental vehicle, make sure to inquire about cross-border travel policies if you plan on exploring neighboring countries such as Croatia or Serbia while visiting Montenegro but remember that restrictions might apply depending on company rules and insurance obligations.