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Buying real estate in Montenegro holds immense potential. With its majestic mountains and stunning coastline, it has seen a significant surge in foreign investment since its NATO membership, leading to a thriving property market.

Types of Real Estate Investments in Montenegro

Montenegro offers various real estate investments to cater to different investor needs.


Whether in the bustling city of Podgorica or tourist hotspots along the coast, apartments provide a reliable investment with high rental yields.

Townhouses & Villas

These properties, often detached and featuring distinctive architectural elements, provide lucrative investment opportunities, especially in areas outside city centers.

Plots of Land

Buying land in Montenegro gives you the freedom to build your vision. However, foreign investors must purchase through a registered company.


Investing in dilapidated stone houses and transforming them into habitable spaces can bring high returns, especially in tourism.

Commercial Real Estate

Investing in commercial projects such as hotels or office buildings is rising due to increased foreign investments and tourism. 

Making the Right Investment

There are many pains to investing in real estate, such as:

  • Location: Be sure that the area of the investment can grow in value.
  • Valuation: Make sure the price you are buying at is fair market value and not overpriced.
  • Property Conditions: Ensure that the property is in good condition and with no faults.  
  • Legalities: Ensure that the property is legally clear and without any encumbrances. 


While investing in real estate can be complicated, our are designed to make your investment as gainful and painless as possible. We represent YOU, not the seller, to ensure we have your best interests in mind. 

Your Executive Real Estate Investment Plan: €1,000

Your interest is ours, and you get:

  • 360-degree market overview and the current and upcoming deals that fit your criteria. 
  • Floorplans and virtual walkthroughs of your options without having to travel.
  • A deep dive into land value, property conditions, tourist demand, and future projects in the sector, so you become wiser about how your investment can grow.
  • Access an expert network of agents, lawyers, and contractors who are vetted and ready to assist you with your Montenegrin investment.
  • Assistance with company formation or legal help for the investment. 

Your Diligent Real Estate Attorney: Contact for a quote.

The service cost depends on the type of investment; however, in all instances, our attorney will ensure that the law is on your side when purchasing real estate: 

  • Comprehensive due diligence on the deal, including seller background inspection.
  • Bespoke contract for the sale to ensure buyer interests and concerns are fully met.
  • Negotiation, deal-making, and after-sale legal advisory in line with Montenegrin law. 

Steps to Investing in Real Estate in Montenegro

These are the steps our real estate team recommends you take if you want to buy real estate in Montenegro.

  1. Describe the dream: Montenegro offers many types of real estate and locations. It is important to have an idea of what you are looking for so we can best help you.
  2. Cash only: financing is challenging in Montenegro, so we recommend you pay cash and not rely on the mortgage. 
  3. Plan a visit to Montenegro: even if you have been before, we recommend you visit Montenegro to survey your real-estate choices and see if it fits your expectations. 
  4. Arrive in Montenegro: once you arrive in Montenegro to see your real estate agent, we recommend you get legal advice to ensure you are served in the best interest.
  5. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate: work with us or your own lawyer to set up a sound negotiation strategy for your investment. 
  6. Buy, register, and enjoy: a deal is not a deal before your name is registered on the deed and in the central repository. Once done, enjoy your Balkan life.


Is it safe to invest in real estate in Montenegro?

Yes, Montenegro’s real estate market is growing, and while you need to do your due diligence, investments in the country are perfectly safe. 

How do I start looking for real estate?

If you are buying property in Montenegro, you should make a plan, budget, and hire legal professionals to ensure you are covered legally.

What are good regions to invest in?

The best place to live in Montenegro is difficult to decide upon. We recommend coming to Montenegro to see the regions you like best.

What real estate agencies should I work with?

Ensure that your real estate agent has experience in the region and type of investment you are looking for. We have a selection of vetted agents that we recommend.

Alexander Avanth

Alexander Avanth

A dual citizen with a home on two continents, Alexander’s studies in economics, career in finance & expat lifestyle give him a unique perspective. His clients find a better life abroad via a new home, residency status & more. If you need help successfully relocating to Montenegro, contact Alex today.