Residency Application & Renewal Services

Getting a residency permit in Montenegro is only an investment away. Montenegro is a captivating blend of stunning coastal towns and mesmerizing mountain regions.

While it’s alluring to know that you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, a favorable taxation system, and the charm of the Mediterranean, it’s all insignificant if you don’t possess a residence permit.

Two Main Options

Montenegro offers two primary avenues for establishing residency, each with its unique set of requirements:

  • Residency through Real Estate Investment
  • Residency through Company Formation

The critical difference between these options lies in the type of investment you make and the extent to which you can leverage it.

Residency by Real Estate Investment vs. Company Formation

Gaining residency through real estate investment lets you live in Montenegro’s beautiful coastal towns or mountain regions. Simultaneously, it presents a lucrative real estate investment opportunity that can provide income through property management.

On the other hand, achieving residency through company formation gives you greater flexibility to travel out of Montenegro. It also allows you to conduct business within Montenegro and the broader European Union. Another advantage of this route is bringing dependents through family reunification.

It’s essential to contemplate your long-term goals and the lifestyle you aspire to have in Montenegro before deciding on your preferred path.


Residency through company formation: €3,000 (Incl. taxes and all fees)

  • Flexible residency with no travel restriction
  • Comes with local banking solution
  • 100% remote incorporation 
  • Option to bring spouse and dependents through family unification
  • Low company maintenance
  • Free registered agent for the first year

Residency through real estate investment: €1,350 (Incl. all taxes and fees)

  • Need to spend at least ten months in Montenegro
  • Option for real estate advisory
  • Option to include a welcome letter
  • Must invest at least €50,000 in real-estate


We’re here to ensure that your transition to Montenegro is as seamless as possible. Our services aren’t limited to just handling immigration matters. We also handle real-estate searches, due diligence, and property management. 

If you want to build a business, we help you get set up by introducing you to our comprehensive network so you can get started from day one.

In addition to your application, our attorney will assist you in preparing for the interview process and issuing the necessary, welcome letters. This comprehensive support extends from the day your order begins until you receive your residency card.

All offers include:

  • Payment of all fees and taxes
  • Guidance on residency due diligence by the immigration services
  • Health insurance 
  • Translation of all official documents

Steps To Get Residency in Montenegro

  1. Sign a Power of Attorney: Following the acceptance of the service package, we issue you a Power of Attorney to incorporate your company remotely. 
  2. Collect all documents: Time is of the essence, and some official documents cannot be more than six months old. While we work on your application, you need to provide us with the required documents and a criminal clearance report. 
  3. Send all documents: You must send us the notarized and apostilled documents required for your residency permit. Once we receive them, we can proceed with your application.
  4. Letter of Guarantor (only if needed): We issue you a letter of guarantor so that you can enter Montenegro and apply for residency.
  5. Purchase real estate (real estate residency only): While we work on your application, you are to purchase the real estate you consider for your investment. 
  6. Application assessment: The Montenegrin authorities will assess your application and, if approved, will provide you with a residency permit. 
  7. Pick up your residency card: You will go with our legal team to pick up your residency card. 
  8. Live your Montenegrin dream: Once you are a resident, you can live your Balkan life. Enjoy!


Will I need an address before applying for residency?

Yes, you need either a rental contract or a property deed.

How long do I need to stay in Montenegro to keep my residency?

You can leave for work matters if you obtain residency through company formation. If you have residency through real estate, you must stay in Montenegro for at least ten months a year. 

How do I get permanent residency and citizenship?

After five years, you can apply for permanent residency; after another five years, you can apply for citizenship (10 years total).

How likely will a residency application be accepted or denied if all criteria are met?

The immigration services can reject your application. However, our legal team has good experience with residency applications of all nationalities and will keep trying even if rejected the first time. 

I had residency in Montenegro but canceled it and left the country. Is there any way of regaining residency, or are there any special measures for people who used to have residency?

Even if you had a residency in the past, you would, unfortunately, need to start the process from scratch.

Who can join as part of family unification?

Spouse and any dependents (children under 18 years of age).

Alexander Avanth

Alexander Avanth

A dual citizen with a home on two continents, Alexander’s studies in economics, career in finance & expat lifestyle give him a unique perspective. His clients find a better life abroad via a new home, residency status & more. If you need help successfully relocating to Montenegro, contact Alex today.